Percutaneous Laparoscopy
The Next Generation of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgical Applications



Virtually every patient stands to benefit by a less invasive surgical approach. Traditionally though, the benefits of a less invasive approach have come at some cost or trade off. These can include a steep user learning curve, compromised functionality of the device or suspension of basic surgical tenets. MiniLapTM instruments have been developed by a surgeon with the specific requirement that they mimic standard instruments used in everyday surgical procedures including; cholecystectomy, appendectomy, repair of inguinal hernia and in gynecology procedures such as tubal ligation and other fallopian tube related surgical procedures. 

Since the introduction of laparoscopic surgery, surgeons have been working with smaller surgical instruments, yet have been limited to conventional trocars and instruments ranging from 5 to 20mms. While trocars play an important role in the introduction and removal of much larger instruments, certain surgical techniques such as grasping, retracting, cutting, ligating and cauterizing may be easily performed with smaller devices that offer full functionality.